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How to install Katie One Lightroom presets

This is the instruction for installing the Desktop Presets collections. You will get the Guide which includes this instruction inside your downloaded package after a purchase. The Guide with instructions for the Mobile Presets can be found in the downloaded file as well.

Firstly you need Adobe Lightroom (I use Adobe Lightroom Classic CC 2018) to be installed on your device. You can find it on Be sure to unzip downloaded Presets archives before installation.

Then there are two ways to install the presets:

1. The fast one:

a. Go to ‘Develop’ module.

b. Open context menu (by right-clicking or command+control-clicking) within ‘Presets’ section.

c. Click on ‘Import…’.

d. Locate and import the presets.

2. The ‘proper’ one:

a. For Mac: ’Lightroom’>‘Preferences’. For Windows: ‘Edit’ >’Preferences’.

b. Then: >’Presets’>’Show Lightroom Presets Folder…’>’Lightroom’ folder>’Develop Presets’ folder.

c. Copy and paste the presets to ’Develop Presets’ folder.

Applying the Presets is very easy, actually it’s oneclick action: after choosing the picture you go to edit in ‘Develop’ module and just click on the preset you want to use within the ‘Presets’ section.