Must-Have Blogging Package: Daily Instagram Planner (183 pages) + E-book: 70 Ideas For Stories (56 pages)

Must-Have Blogging Package: Daily Instagram Planner (183 pages) + E-book: 70 Ideas For Stories (56 pages)

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This package is for you, if:

1. You are a CREATOR/INFLUENCER - Instagram Planner will help you out in time management, and thanks to 70 ideas - No need to spend hours to come up with 'What to share in Stories'! Now you will be able to spend your precious time doing what you REALLY enjoy!

2. You are just STARTING OUT - Your first experience with Blogging is what will at the end influence your decision to keep working in the industry! And the hustle with time management and feeling that you have nothing to share - are the MAIN reasons why people like you stop developing their blog! Get yourself a proper guidance for success!

3. You run a BRANDS SOCIAL MEDIA - High Engagement = High Revenue. Improve your engagement and stop procrastinating posting some generic content!

1. Instagram Planner (Interactive Daily Planner 183 pages, PDF) - Plan your way up to the Content Throne!

Instagram Planner is your main assistant, thanks to which you will set yourself free from a huge amount of notes with content ideas and plans for the day / week / month / year! It will help you increase your productivity and the growth rate of your account.
With InstaPlan it is very easy to create a content plan, write down new ideas, set goals, and even evaluate and conduct a content performance analysis. We have provided absolutely everything, since this guide was originally created for our personal use. But in the process, it became clear that InstaPlan should be a tool to help bloggers around the world!

By purchasing Instagram Planner, you get two versions at once: printable and digital. Your assistant will always be at hand!

What it can do:

- Planning visual content for a month in advance

- Planning the day by sections: Post (Media, Topic, Caption, Time Posting), Stories (ideas and topics throughout the day), Reels.

- Setting goals, objectives, planning important dates

- Weekly analysis and performance evaluation

- Calendar

Who is this Planner for:

- For bloggers of any niche

The Planner is designed for 1 year.


2. E-book: 70 Ideas For Stories (56 pages PDF)- What to share when there is nothing to share!

We all know stories' engagement affects the overall engagement rate of the entire account. The more interesting your stories are, the more views they will attract, which will positively affect your account's visibility and attract new followers!

“70 Ideas for Stories” is a guide that includes not just 70 examples of stories that you can post within 1-2 weeks, but 70 forms of content. You can easily adapt these ideas to the theme of your account, and in the future you can use them as your pocket guide that will give you a huge variety of new ideas!
With the “70 Ideas for Stories” guide, your stories will not be left without attention, which in turn will make your blog even more attractive to new followers!